we’re totally going to stay friends

August 11, 2012 ā€” Right now, rhythmic gymnastics is apparently in a break on NBC because John McEnroe is interviewing Usain Bolt for no reason I can ascertain. On the NBC Sports channel they were showing speed walking just before I changed the channel to Garden State on the next channel down on the dial.

(Is outdated to refer to TV stations as a dial? All I know is I saw speed walking on one channel and noticed on the channel guide that Garden State had just started one station away, so I got out of the guide and pushed the down button on my remote control. Also, neither Zach Braff or Natalie Portman will ever be better than they were in the scene when Largeman meets Sam.)

Anyway, the end of the Olympics feels like the last morning of summer camp when everyone is packing to go home. There’s still stuff on the schedule and the big end of camp ceremony, but everyone is kind of glumly accepting that it’s over, trying to fend off the depression of it not coming around again for a long time and making well-meaning promises to keep in touch.

We’re saying goodbye to the Olympics, exchanging email addresses and making plans to go to their city and hang out one weekend. But in the back of our minds, we know we still have a huge crush on football and that’s about to become our top priority.

Photo via The Guardian.




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