well played, rory; and you too, feherty

August 12, 2012 — Sunday afternoons are made for being lazy and/or watching sports. And most of the time being lazy while watching sports.

Except sometimes, watching sports can be intense, depending on the team and the circumstances. Today could have been intense as my favorite baseball team, the Texas Rangers, were playing the rubber game in a three-game series against Detroit. Meanwhile one of my favorite golfers, Rory McIlroy, was in contention at the PGA Championship.

It turned out to be a relaxing afternoon of sports watching, though. The Rangers eased past the Tigers, 8-3, and at this moment McIlroy is heading to his 72nd hole with a seven-stroke lead.

Relaxing. But a little too relaxing to really be entertaining. We all need a little drama in our lives, you know?

Not to worry, David Feherty filled the dull moments with brilliant commentary while following countryman McIlroy. Both are from Northern Ireland.

When McIlroy hit a shot that looked as if it would land hot in front of the green, Feherty quipped “that will run like a toddler’s nose.”

When McIlroy’s ball sat down in the rough, Feherty claimed the lie was so bad it needed a sleep number.

And when the announcers were suggesting that Sunday’s windy conditions at Kiawah Island in South Carolina were no real challenge for McIlroy, Feherty summed up the scenario, saying that for an Irishman it’s only windy “when your pants can actually injure ya.”

Photo via Zimbio.






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