the road goes on forever


The First Day

My extended, open-ended road trip to interview pro football players from Texas began at 1:15 on Saturday afternoon. On the strength of a quesadilla burger from Cafe Homestead, I set out for Topeka, Kansas (no pro football players here, just a good, cheap place to stop at the end of the first day). Since I’m writing this as a way of staying in touch with all the people in Texas I want to stay in touch with, and since all of them have told me to be careful, I will pass along that the most interesting moment of my day on Saturday was reversing about 30 yards on I-35. Of course, this is not nearly as dangerous or problematic as I’ve made it sound. It was at a toll booth in Kansas (btw, Kansas, can’t you think of a better way to generate revenue than having toll booths on every road?) and there wasn’t anyone coming for days. If the portion of I-35 at the split in Austin, or even I-35 in Bruceville, met a stretch of I-35 from Kansas they wouldn’t even realize they were related. Other than that, it was a smooth day. I had dinner at McDonald’s in El Dorado, Kansas, and took a really bad photo for the edification of Jeremy Webb. And then I arrived in Topeka about 10. On to Minnesota.

(I will try to have a new update every day. Check back. If I can’t do it every day, I’ll at least try to do it every other day. If I forget or lose interest because not enough people are clicking and commenting, then welcome to the blogosphere. I’m not going to re-read for typos, so get over it. I have other things to do.)


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