searching for a home, via chicago


CHICAGO — According to the fitness room scale* at the Hyatt on Main in Green Bay, I have lost about seven pounds so far on this trip. Therefore, I’m releasing to you, completely free, my weight-loss regimen, which has produced better results than any I’ve ever attempted. The key, the absolute key, is to drive about 300 miles per day. This will reduce your appetite. But don’t stop eating as it’s an excellent excuse to get out of the car and stretch your legs. But if you stop at McDonald’s, only eat half of the fries that come with your quarter-pounder or McNuggets. Mix in a workout no more than once every five days.** Be sure to eat breakfast, especially if it’s free and consists of yellow air and sausage-like links that look like Alf’s fingers. When you stop for gas, stick to water or chocolate milk for a road beverage. That’s all you have to do. Easy as that. (* It’s possible the scale was somewhere between 5 and 15 pounds light; ** after working out yesterday, I proceeded to eat a burger at Lambeau Field and Chicago-style pizza at Giordano’s last night, easily my most indulgent eating day of the trip, so all bets might be off, but considering the absurdity of the premise, the food choices might lead to further weight loss). ANYWAY, I had an excellent interview in the Packers locker room with kicker Mason Crosby, who was born in Lubbock and grew up in Georgetown. Then I went to Curly’s inside Lambeau for lunch. Then I drove to Chicago, stopping in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to see the movie Lucy and avoid driving into Chicago at rush hour. Lucy was good, though, as Bob Johns would say, I found parts of it hard to believe.

Today’s docket includes an attempt to get a hot dog at Hot Doug’s, which all my Chicago friends dearly love. Then golf with Sean DelBacarro. And on to Detroit tomorrow.


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