the light at the end of the tunnel may be you


INDIANAPOLIS — I still have another week on the road, but I reached a finish line of sorts on Tuesday. After venturing into the mountains of West Virginia on Monday and speaking with the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees for my project, I made a midnight run to Indianapolis for an interview at 10:50 on Tuesday with the Colts’ Cory Redding. Both interviews went as well as could have been expected and, therefore, my attempt to tour NFL training camps has been a success. I still have a year’s worth of research to tackle for the project, but five training camps and five interviews in nine days I believe will prove greater than the sum of their parts. After arriving at my friend Zach McFarlen’s house in Indy at 2:45 Tuesday morning and conducting the interview with Redding before noon, I pretty much crashed in the afternoon. I took a nap and then went with Zach’s wife, Sara, and their new boy Quinn to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Sara’s mom works there, so we parked and entered for free and were greeted warmly by all of the staff. Perusing the ancient art of the Mediterranean, the bizarre suits of Nick Cave, the modern design collection and then marveling at Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait was the change of pace I needed on a bit of a reset day. Zach arrived home from work about 7 and we had the ideal chill out evening dining and catching up at a neighborhood bar and grill.

I’ll be here until Thursday when I push south again, this time to Nashville to see Mackenzie, and then on to the beach with my family. Sara asked me yesterday if I’m getting road weary. I told her I wasn’t. I’m not aching to get back home. My head’s a little slow this morning, but I have to think that’s pretty reasonable.


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