life’s mostly attitude and driving, part ii


NASHVILLE — My road trip has transitioned from fun work to just fun. After wrapping up my interviews on Tuesday, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday recovering from the midnight run from West Virginia to Indianapolis while I caught up with my friends Zach, Sara, Wendy and Quinn. They showed me around Indianapolis including the Indianapolis Museum of Art (as mentioned two days ago) along with downtown Indy, where I fulfilled Tim Webb’s request that I see Lucas Oil Stadium, and the Indianapolis 500 museum (photo evidence above). From there, I pushed south again, stopping in Nashville to see my friend Mackenzie Wilson. She showed me her workplace, Tennessee Brew Works, and we went to 5 Points in Nashville. The best way to see a city is by hanging out with the people who live there and I was lucky enough to do that in Mankato, Chicago, Indy and Nashville. Good trip. Now it’s time to join my family at the beach in Florida. It will be the perfect relaxing end to the trip (though technically, I have football preview work to do; can’t stop, won’t stop). Thank you to all the people who have read this, sent along nice comments and, most importantly, prayed for me along the way. Those things kept me moving, which is a weird thing to say on such a fun ride. But there’s a ton of things that could have gone haywire that didn’t, and my psyche stayed on the uptick the entire journey. Can’t wait to hang out with the family and play some golf with my dad.

Live it up, Texas. I return next week and it will be time to go to work.


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