the loser now will be later to win


I just this week helped a close friend move to Austin and there are rumblings that at least one if not two more of my closest buddies will be moving down the road to our state’s capital city in coming months.

The final episode of “30 Rock,” one of the only television shows I purposely watch each week, aired its final episode on Thursday night (as I was helping said friend move into her apartment).

And for the first time in 10 years none of the triumvirate of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger will be playing in the Super Bowl.

Cue Mr. Dylan. I better start swimming or I’ll sink like a stone.

So this is me swimming.

I will still be able to watch 30 Rock in syndication and it will probably grow on me instead of making me wonder how I ever thought it was funny (like I do now with “Friends”). Also, my TV watching has shifted to Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, where I’ve picked up “Modern Family as a new show.”

Meanwhile, my relationship with my friends moving a 90-minute drive away is the exact opposite of the 30 Rock-in-syndication scenario. I will be able to watch 30 Rock just as often, though it will never be new. I’ll see my friends less, but never in the same old boring places. Those relationships will take on entirely new venues if not context.

Finally, I like the new guard of NFL quarterbacks, including Sunday’s combatants Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco. Somehow, I wish my friends would stay in the town where I live and be content to be there but I totally understand that the quarterbacks at the top of the NFL pyramid have to change. Perhaps sports makes us accept change in it faster than we’re willing to accept change in our own lives.

Either way, things change and I admit that the waters around me have grown. I will not be the kid building a sand castle and hoping the tide never comes in to wash it away.

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